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Requirements for an Awesome Autumn Adventure

As the air develops that undeniable autumn chill, South West Camper Hire are on hand to ensure you have an awesome adventure, whatever the weather decides to do.

What to Take

Ok, so all adventure enthusiasts know that comfort trumps style. This is never truer in the autumn months, when essentials include:

  • A decent waterproof coat
  • Walking shoes or wellies, either of which we recommend wearing with extra pairs of socks for comfort, try wool for warmth
  • Something to keep your head/ears warm - we are partial to the odd pair of ear muffs, whatever suits you (literally)
  • Layers. It's all about layers. Vest tops, tshirts, fleece jumpers, the works. You might not look / feel uber stylish but you'll be too warm and snuggly to care

Where to Go

Part of the South West's charm is its diverse landscape. The fact that diverse landscape is stunning regardless of season is an added bonus. Impossible to see it all in one trip (unless you're really on a mission) we've narrowed down a few activities of choice that can help you take in all the beauty the autumn has to offer.

  • Woodlands are a solid bet on satisfying ones desire to be closer to nature...and of course take dozens of photos of the stunning autumnal leaves, #nofilterneeded. Head to the Woodlands Trust website to find your nearest.
  • No trip to Devon would be complete without an explore on Dartmoor. The Dartmoor National Trust website have also handily put together an 'Autumn on Dartmoor' guide for you to peruse. 
  • Drive to North Devon or take your pick of which side of Cornwall you go to, and we can guarantee you an enjoyable, exhausting and thrilling day surfing. If you don't believe us, hear it from the experts as to why autumn is the best time to ride the waves.

Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, please do share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. We love uncovering the best the south west has to offer with the help of you, our intrepid explorers. 

(Photo taken by regular adventurer, Ashley Petrons, on her autumn trip two years ago. Apart from the a-mazing Escot, find out what else she got up to in her Freedom on Four Wheels blog).

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