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Keeping you safe with our latest gadget

We are pleased to finally be welcoming clients back. Aside from the usual social distancing handovers, rest assured that we are cleaning with antivirals, providing hand sanitiser in the vehicles, and deploying our latest gadget - the Boston/Mahle Ozone vehicle sanitiser.

What's that, I hear you say? Well, Ozone is a natural gas that is widely used in sanitary facilities - due to its ability to oxidise and disrupt the molecular structure of viruses and bacteria. It is a natural disinfectant and its sanitising action can be applied to air, water, surfaces, and fabrics. In addition to eliminating viruses and bacteria, Ozone also removes moulds, fungi, dust mites, and is highly effective in banishing bad odours too.

We will hand over vans to you at a safe distance, and won't enter the vans with you. And, even though we work and hand over outside in the fresh air, our staff will also be wearing face masks for everyone's safety.

What Makes us Proud

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