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8 Reasons To Take Your Dog On Holiday

Going on holiday is the best time of the year for most, but for people with dogs, it can prove a difficult dilemma. Do you take them with you or get somebody to look after them for you? At SWCH, we offer dog friendly campervan hire and have come up with 8 reasons to take your dog on holiday with you!

You’ll be more active!

We all know dogs love the outdoors, so enjoying a dog friendly holiday will ensure you stay active! If you’ve got the choice of sitting in a cafe for an afternoon or exploring the great outdoors with your best friend, we know which your dog would rather do. The best way to explore new places is on foot, and with plenty of beautiful locations in the South West, you won’t be short of new adventures. Speaking of new adventures...

Discover new locations!

Taking your dog on holiday gives you the opportunity to take in the beauty of your surroundings, as well as finding new locations you may not see if you were sticking to the beaten track. Your dog is sure to help sniff out everything your holiday has to offer, even things that may have passed you by!

Dogs need a holiday too!

Just like how we need a holiday from time to time, dogs need one too! Dogs need variety, so taking them somewhere brand new to explore and relax will help their wellbeing. With plenty of dog-friendly locations appearing all around the country (especially in the South West), you can take them practically anywhere with you!

Helps to settle the little ones

Our campers are family-friendly. If you’ve got young children, we know they can sometimes find it difficult visiting somewhere new. By taking your furry friend with you it can help settle them down in an unfamiliar place, they can even have a cuddle if they’re feeling anxious!

Create new memories

Most of us can’t spend as much time with our pets as we’d like to, so taking them on holiday is the perfect solution. Some of our fondest memories are made whilst on holiday, so make it even more special by having the whole family there - dog included!  Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or playing fetch, you’ll have plenty of memories to look back on. 

Make new friends!

Dogs are fantastic conversation starters. They are naturally social, friendly and energetic, meaning that even if you’re too shy to say hello to the locals, they sure will! Dogs are a great way to make new friends, whether that’s on your campsite, or exploring a local town - don’t be surprised if you get stopped a few times so that your pet can receive some affection!

Keep the family together

When going away for a couple of days, you normally need to plan ahead to figure out who’ll look after your dog. Save the hassle by bringing your dog with you! They’ll appreciate being on holiday with you much more than being with a family friend or in kennels.

Save money!

Kennels aren’t cheap, especially if you’re going away for a considerable amount of time. Save money by bringing your dog with you! We understand that dogs are a very important part of your lives and we know how much fun they will have on your adventure holiday. At South West Camper Hire, we only charge an additional £20 per hire (not per dog, or per week), to bring your four-legged friend with you! 

Whether your pup enjoys exploring the coast or countryside, a break with South West Camper Hire offers the chance to explore it all, whatever the weather! For dog friendly holidays in some of the best dog-walking areas in the South West, hire a camper van and have a great holiday with no kennel fees.

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