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5 reasons to travel in a campervan as a couple!

Have you ever considered travelling in a campervan with your favourite person? 

Spend more time together discovering new places and creating memories to last a lifetime in one of our luxurious, comfortable and spacious campervans!



When you hire a campervan with us at South West Camper Hire, you’ve got as many as 1,000 miles to use in a week! There’s so many places you could explore…

As a couple you can plan your adventures together; this part is really fun and exciting.

You can each write a list of, say, 5 places you want to see and experience - maybe some will be the same and some will differ, but this is all part of the fun!

Then it’s time to map out a route to include as many as possible from both your lists in a week!  You can go over 1,000 miles at 50p per mile.


Shared experiences…

Find and explore the hidden gems of England and Wales together to create memories to look back on in years to come!

Travelling in one of our campervans together will be fun; it’s different to traveling with friends or traveling solo. Sharing new experiences with your loved one for the first time and knowing you’ve done it together can take your relationship to an even deeper level.  


Eye opening…

We bet that the list of places you both wrote will differ slightly - this may need some compromising to ensure you’re both happy with where you’re going. You may be surprised, those places or experiences that your partner wants to do but you weren’t so sure of may actually be one of your favourite days!

This allows your partner to experience something that they really want to do, and at the same time opens your own eyes to another side of travel that you might not have experienced on your own.


Enhance the quality of time you spend together…

You get to see each other in a different way - and learn more about each other than you ever would back at home.

We think that travelling together in one of our campervans will enhance the quality of time you get to spend together - as there’s always the opportunity to laugh, chat, and just have fun together!


You’re living in your restaurant!

Wake up in the morning and you’re kitchen is just a few steps away from your bed; cook your breakfast, lunch and dinner together -  they say cooking together builds a stronger relationship! Cooking together builds teamwork and a sense of accomplishment as a couple -  you can do it all week in our campervan with their fully equipped kitchen! Just think of all those awesome views you may experience together whilst eating something delicious you created together!


You can meet our vans here.

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